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Brainstorming What's Possible

Rethinking an existing publication for PubPub

Published onAug 06, 2020
Brainstorming What's Possible

Re-imagining Data-Driven Reservoir Modeling[1] on PubPub was exciting! This monograph written for engineers interested in using advanced analytics to solve upstream challenges is available in print and digital formats. The author also offered a training course based on the material from his book.

PubPub offers unique layout options and special features that in my view would have made it far more advantageous to publish the monograph — for the author and the reservoir engineering community. For example, publishing chapters as Pubs would increase their discoverability and enhances the aesthetics of the book overall. In which case, I would add a background image and description for each chapter/Pub. Now, since the audience will be comprised of engineers, application and networking are the key elements that inform the following special features:

  • Invited and open review: use of private and public discussions to aid in the development and finalization of the book.

  • Training: embedded media/app functionality in Pubs would facilitate an interactive knowledge transfer experience. For example:

    • Content driven enhanced visualizations demos, code sharing, and testing via Codepen and Github.

    • Deeper dive seminars via YouTube live streaming.

  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Topic-based SIGs can be formed around discussions occurring in chapters/Pubs. The idea being to promote community, idea generation, networking/collaboration, and potentially new content.

As you reflect on all these nuggets of geomagnetically induced imagination, I invite you to enjoy this calming peace by YoungMin You.

Reflection - YoungMin You (Original Piano Music)

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