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First Impressions

Taking PubPub on a test drive

Published onAug 06, 2020
First Impressions

It Would Be Nice To…

  • Integrate single sign on via ORCID, Google, or Twitter logins.

  • Include user community and discussion info in profiles. For example, instead of All Pubs and Authored Pubs, consider Communities, Pubs, and Discussions.

    • Out of curiosity, why are Pubs and Authored Pubs separate entities?

  • Increase the color palette window size (for accent color selection)

  • Move the Save Settings button to a fixed pane - i.e., next to Create Collection and Create Pub.

    • Alternatively consider adding a pop-up to warn users of unsaved changes before leaving page.

  • Include a special characters feature on the Create Pub text editor.

    • For example, it’s not clear how to insert an em dash, currency, music notes, etc. (beyond copying and pasting from another editor).

  • Link to tutorial or user guide notes that prominently highlight PubPub’s features on the welcome/new community landing page.

Love It!

  • Very happy overall with the Dashboard, Page and Pub editor offerings. The fact that anyone can easily create and manage communities, and publish various content types with readily available analytics is mind blowing.

  • A few more specifics…

    • Page editor layout functionality is very user friendly. The Add Block functionality facilitates creativity and offers plenty options to curate content nicely. The Pages Block feature in particular left a lasting impression — very cool.

    • Creating a Pub is exhilarating. Simple, seamless, and encouraging. The widgets included are amazing (i.e., edit theme, cite, download, etc.).

  • PubPub has succeeded in packaging a bona fide collaborative authoring and publishing platform. I’m excited to see what the future holds in terms of how PubPub applies its innovative thinking towards large-scale review (for journals that may want a more traditional flavor of peer review) and content enrichment strategies.

    • Along the lines of content enrichment… I wonder, can PubPub build to scale an interactive storyline using data and video (think Netflix’s You vs. Wild series - viewers make key decisions to help Bear Grylls complete missions in the harshest environments on Earth).

      • Researchers could be encouraged to use interactive storylines that highlight experimentation/methods to communities in a fresh new way. And members could be invited to see dynamic visualizations and participate in discussions e.g., what happens with X vs. what happens with Y.

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